Art is much less important than life, but what a poor life without it! ... Robert Motherwell
"All great art is expression of man's delight in God's work, not his own." John Ruskin

Friday, June 22, 2007

Painting Still

Primrose Pots, watercolor, 11 x 15

A Rose is a Rose, watercolor, 11 x 15

With the wonderful arrival of summer I am looking forward to some nice walks on the beach, but I have been so busy with the set-up and arrangement of our new home, all of the added chores and errands that come with moving, and exploring this new and delightful community I have not had one moment to do that. I did go sit on the beach a few weeks ago, when Darrell (my brother) and Karen came to visit, but I really do need to go and collect some seashells soon. I have not given up painting.....FORBID!!!!!!! Our watercolor group has taken a short vacation for the summer months, but I know all of them are continuing to paint just as I am.
Above are two paintings that I completed recently. With my cheap little Kodak I struggle to get a "straight" picture of my paintings, but I wanted to share these with all of you. I hope you enjoy!


Lillibeth said...

Leanna, Isaac and I are very impressed with your roses! Don't you think that this one would look good on a tea set? ;)

Anonymous said...

Very nice Leanna. Like your new place. Must be nice to have a little studio just for your own space. Darrell