Art is much less important than life, but what a poor life without it! ... Robert Motherwell
"All great art is expression of man's delight in God's work, not his own." John Ruskin

Friday, September 28, 2007

New pens, Monday Artday, and Garden-Fresh

1. If you've been reading my posts lately, you will know that I have been bit by the "sketching bug". Well, I just did not have a pen that I liked for sketching, but now I have a new 6 pc Sakura Pigma Micron set in black! I am excited to get started sketching with these and we'll see the results.

2. This morning I received a sweet comment on yesterday's post from Ronni over at Monday Artday. She has a wonderful weekly art challenge to sign up for and some of the participants work is really good. Thinking I might give that a try......will be fun, anyway!

3. While fighting with this nasty cold all week, it has been such a blessing to have fresh garden tomatoes for dinner every night! Yummmmmy! A dear old friend loaded my hubby up with them earlier this week as a gift for little 'ole me.

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