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"All great art is expression of man's delight in God's work, not his own." John Ruskin

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Hooked.....line & sinker

Aside from all of the busy-ness and business of life, I have been playing with a couple of "new to me" fountain pens. I joined the Fountain Pen Network and have been obsessively researching everything there is to know about fountain pens. Absolutely wonderful!!!! I even have received absolute approval from my dear hubby to persue this beautiful art. Yesterday he and I had to make a trip to Eugene to visit a friend in the hospital (that's another story) and we stopped into the local pen shop, Pensations. The clerk there handed me a Namiki Falcon and instantaneously a thrilling shiver went up my spine! Oh My! What a beautiful pen! The nib has a nice flex to it, producing lovely line variations. I handed it to Larry and his immediate comment was "This pen sells itself." Understandably though, at a retail price of $175, it did not sell itself to us yesterday. There are so many beautiful pens in the world, you can easily acquire many wonderful writers for less than $50.
I have also been playing with brush lettering on my watercolor paintings and that has been fun too. The other day I painted these rabbits (notice the spelling) and being not extremely pleased with the painting itself, I decided to play with lettering on it with a small flat wc brush. I was so focused on the lettering itself...well, you can see for yourself the error made. I aced spelling and english throughout my school years, but you wouldn't know it by this painting. LOL!
I also am very interested to begin learning Spencerian and Copperplate Script. It is so lovely! And I have completed a painting with just that in mind, so watch for it in the future here on my blog.


Catherine said...

Coincidentally I have been very interested in adding lettering to my paintings lately. In fact I added words to the apple painting I posted last week. I have finished an 18X24 watercolor on canvas that also has lettering. I have been playing around with printers ink and watercolor with rubber stamp alphabets and also brushes. I want something I can smear a little bit, but it has to smear just the way I want it to! I will try to remember to post the canvas next week, and I will be watching for more of your lettering experiments.

By the way - I just love your doodling!

Leanna said...

Thank you Catherine! I understand about the "smear factor". There are so many inks out there now with various qualities. Just another thing to spend our money on in the name of art!!!! Will look for your canvas posting.

kab625 said...

You are blessed. Do you sell your paintings?

Leanna said...

kab625, Thank you so much for visiting my blog!!! I have not sold any of my paintings as yet, but would definitely do so. Contact me again if you are interested.