Art is much less important than life, but what a poor life without it! ... Robert Motherwell
"All great art is expression of man's delight in God's work, not his own." John Ruskin

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Cuthbert in the A.M., Sunshine, and My Studio

To those who in the past became loyal readers of my blog, only to find out that I did not keep up with it, I apologize and hope that you will come back again. After several months of steering away from my 3 Blessings a Day, I am re-committing to meditating on the blessings I receive from The Lord daily and posting here more frequently. I also want to begin posting more paintings also. I have so much to be thankful for and I could never count them all.....they are innumerable!

1. In our new home, waking up in the morning is such a pleasurable treat! The little elderly lady that lives behind us has a pet rooster named Cuthbert. Besides the fact, that I love those old names, I also appreciate Cuthbert. Anywhere between 4:30 and 6:30 AM every morning, he starts off his crowing and sometimes it can go on for an hour. So far, Cuthbert has caused me to awake with a smile on my face every morning!!!!!!! There is something so sweet about awaking to the sound of him crowing; it is far better than any man-made alarm clock.

2. Bright, beautiful and healing light streaming in through the living room window in the morning!

3. I have spent the last year painting at the kitchen table. Dragging my paint and supplies out and then stuffing it all away when the dinner bell rings. I've had no where to store my paintings. But, today, I have my own room. My own painting studio, where I can leave it all out and paint whenever I want! WOW! Please, help me name it by voting in the Voting Booth to your right.

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