Art is much less important than life, but what a poor life without it! ... Robert Motherwell
"All great art is expression of man's delight in God's work, not his own." John Ruskin

Thursday, August 02, 2007


Well, of course, I have lifted a finger today! BUT, I did not do any heavy lifting, hammering, shoving boxes, or any labor involving anything beyond what I wanted to do. Wonderful! Once in awhile and especially after spending the last 2 1/2 wks prepping our new home (scrubbing, painting, carpeting, and did I say, scrubbing?) and of course the enjoyable moving itself, one MUST have a bit of respite. And, I am very pleased with the outcome of our new home; it does feel like a place of refuge. Above and below gives you a small peek of the parlor ( giggle.........the living room ).

This morning, a new and dear friend came for coffee and she brought the muffins and we just sat and talked. Getting to know one another better is so important in order for a friendship to grow, I think. I was so surprised and pleased when she brought me a gift of a teacup and saucer from her own collection; what a sweet gift! She also brought me a dishcloth hand crocheted by her daughter. Who could ask for a more lovely friendship?

Let's see.......I did a load or two of laundry, put 3 artichokes in the crockpot to cook, ran a few quick errands, and then curled up on the sofa to begin a new read.

A few minutes ago, I got up and entered my "new watercolor studio" and checked out a blog I've been enjoying reading....Lynne's Little Corner of the World . It's a book blog and if you are a reader, you should visit her there. I think you might enjoy it too.

BTW, I have been contemplating a name for my watercolor studio. I have narrowed it down to 2 possibilities and I would like your opinion. Just so you know, as you can see in the pictures of my studio, on my painting table my water bowl (dish, receptacle, whatever) is an old porcelain enamel "potty", so that is where the inspiration for my 2 choices have come from. I've placed a voting poll on the side, so PLEASE VOTE and help me out!

I wanted to tell you that soon I will have a new 37" Flat-panel LCD HDTV from Best Buy! How's that for positive thinking? LOL! Really, you can enter to win one at 5 Minutes for Mom
Go ahead! Someone will win it!

It is so good to be back! I have been away from my blog for so long and I am planning to blog and paint more frequently now, so keep checking back!

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Clubbs said...

Your studio looks fantastic! I bet you will create beautiful things there.

Have a great day!


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